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Welcome to FEND Virginia

FEND is excited to announce it will be rolling out to the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2019!



Over the past four years, the use of prescription-type opioids among teens has increased significantly, so, too, have teen drug overdose deaths. In 2015, 80% of teen drug overdose deaths were accidental; 65% were from opioids.

Close to half of young people who have injected heroin said they had abused prescription painkillers before they started using heroin.

Teens who experiment with opioids (prescription painkillers) are at risk of developing opioid addiction; therefore, effective prevention strategies are needed to stop new cases from developing. It is estimated that for every dollar Virginia spends on prevention it will save between $18-30 on treatment costs.

The goal of FEND Virginia is to give young people the facts about opioids, prescription drugs, and addiction so they can make informed choices about their health.




How can you help?

Your tax-deductible donation can help us roll out FEND to a town or community near you.