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About the FEND Movement


transitive verb
To defend; keep or ward off; repel 
The opioid epidemic has hit crisis point. In fact the situation is so bad that opioid overdoses are killing as many Americans as guns.  It’s time to take control of our own health and get the facts. It’s time to take a stand against opioids.



Combining cutting-edge tech, music, and streetwear, FEND is all about empowering you. Knowledge is power after all. The FEND app enables you to take the lead, join forces, and beat the opioid crisis.  More than a campaign, FEND is a movement.


Developed by Preventum Initiative INC,  FEND will give you the facts. Our app has all the info you need to learn about opioids (and you can even win stuff as you learn). Too many people are dying or having their lives destroyed, and it’s time to take a stand – for yourself and for each other.  We can’t rely on government, doctors or big pharma to fight the battle for us.  

Join the Movement

In 2018 FEND joined forces with the iconic Vans Warped Tour in its final year. We traveled across the country signing up people to join us at each stop of the tour. Download the FEND app and onboard the FEND campaign! 


Rewards and Prizes

Download the app for the chance to earn points and prizes as you learn about opioids. 

The Facts

The stats are pretty scary. Over the past four years, the misuse of opioids by 15-19 year olds has dramatically increased, sadly, so too have drug overdose deaths. Most of these overdose deaths are accidental, and over half are caused by prescription painkillers (opioids). Prescription painkillers are also a known gateway drug to heroin.

Join the movement – let’s reverse the stats, and make a stand against opioids together.